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  • Bracelet Blossom Frame, RG, Blossom S
  • Bracelet Blossom Basic Ruby, RG, Blossom S
  • Bracelet "Tourmaline Pink", 750 rose gold
  • Bracelet 5 Blossoms S/XS, 750 rose gold
  • Bracelet Blossom Basic, WG, Blossom S
  • Bracelet 5 Blossoms S/XS, 750 white gold
  • Bracelet Blossom Basic, GG, Blossom S
  • Bracelet Swords, 750 white gold
  • Bracelet Swords Insignum, 750 rose gold
  • Bracelet Swords silver 925 rhodium platted
  • Bracelet Blossom Basic, RG, Blossom S
  • Bracelet "Tanzanite Blue", 750 rose gold
  • Bracelet Heart "Rose", 925 Silver
  • Bracelet 5 Blossoms S/XS, 750 yellow gold
  • Bracelet 2 Blossoms M/S, 750 rose gold
  • Bracelet 1 Blossom M three-leaf pave, 750 white gold
  • Bracelet 2 Blossoms M/S, 750 white gold
  • Bracelet 2 Blossoms M/S, 750 yellow gold
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Bracelets with Porcelain Elements

Versatile in terms of design and materials: MEISSEN bracelets take up iconic patterns and historical motifs from over 300 years of manufactory history and reinterpret them as contemporary jewellery. Whether classic combinations of yellow gold, silver and diamonds, or rose gold, colourful stones and hand-crafted porcelain elements, all pieces bear witness to the design expertise upheld at the Meissen ateliers. A graphical rendition of the manufactory’s revered trademark, the Crossed Swords as part of the “1722 Swords” collection pay homage to Meissen’s artisanal tradition, much in the same way as do the romantic hand-painted petals of the Biedermeier rose. Rendered as delicate bracelet, the noble snowball blossoms of the "1739 Royal Blossom" collection commemorate one of the most romantic gesture in the history of the manufactory: when King August III had the floral decoration designed for his wife Maria Josepha.