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Porcelain Home Deco

The MEISSEN Home Deco collections comprise interior design objects such as vases, bowls, candlesticks and boxes all the way to decorative plates, picture frames and scented candles – statement pieces made of exquisite Meissen porcelain that bestow timeless elegance to any living room, dining room or bedroom.

As Europe’s oldest porcelain manufactory, MEISSEN has not only played a decisive role in the design of table settings and tableware, but has also produced innovative porcelain objects for interior decor since its founding. Whether it’s dishware from the “N°41” collection, with its sleek elegance and clear lines, or, for a touch of opulence, showpiece dishes in historicist style from the “New Splendour” collection, which are adorned with vibrant images painted by Meissen’s experienced porcelain painters – the Home Deco collections feature shapes and designs for both timeless, minimalist living and opulent interior concepts. Even Meissen’s signature design classics such as the cobalt blue “Onion Pattern”, the "Meissen Rose” or the “Ming Dragon” are reinterpreted time and again on countless pieces.