German Sports Press Ball
  • For more than four decades now, the annual ceremony in honor of sports at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt has been one of the most beautiful ball events in Germany. This year, guests at the German Sports Press Ball can once again look forward to outstanding athletes and a spectacular evening program in one of Germany's most beautiful concert halls.

    The focus of the ball is the awarding of honorary titles, which have been recognized with the "PEGASOS Award" since 2014. The design and production of the coveted award has been in the hands of the Staatliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Meissen since that time. The magnificent figure made of the finest Meissen porcelain is a reference to the winged horse from Greek mythology. Pegasos, the horse of heroes and gods, is not only regarded as a symbol of power, strength and wisdom, but is also enthroned on the gable of the Alte Oper Frankfurt and thus the venue of the German Sports Press Ball.

    Traditionally, the PEGASOS Award is presented in the categories "Legend of Sport", "Sportsman with Heart" and "Sports Media". This year, the PEGASOS "Legend of Sport" trophy will again honor a true star of his sport: Jan Frodeno. Frodeno is considered to be the best triathlete of all time - he won the gold medal at the 2008 Olympic Games, won the Ironman three times and in 2021 became the first athlete ever to achieve a time of less than 7:30 hours over the Ironman distance. An incredible achievement, which is now rightly recognized with an additional honor. He joins a veritable Who's Who of athletes who have received this award so far, including Gerd Müller (posthumously), Lothar Matthäus and Katarina Witt.

"We are incredibly grateful and proud to be able to support such a traditional event in honour of sport with a figure like the PEGASOS. " Tillmann Blaschke, CEO MEISSEN
  • This year, the men's team of the German Basketball Association can look forward to the "Sportsman with a Heart" award. The team brought the nation one of the greatest successes in German sports history this year by winning the 19th Basketball World Championship. In doing so, they appeared likeable, authentic and with an irrepressible team spirit in every respect, taking the hearts of local sports fans by storm.

    The PEGASOS Award in the category "Sports Media" honors outstanding achievements in the field of sports reporting. The winner of this year's SportpresseBall will be revealed on the evening of the event. The person will thus follow in the footsteps of former award winners such as Jens-Jörg Rieck (2021), Tom Bartels (2016) or Gerhard Delling (2019).

    The trophy itself was created exclusively for the German Sports Press Ball by the former chief sculptor of the MEISSEN porcelain manufactory, Jörg Danielczyk (*1952). The eye-catchers of the PEGASOS are the oversized wings, which give the impression that the magnificent horse wants to soar into the sky with the next beat of its wings. This impression is underlined by the golden painting of the wings, which is complemented by discreet black and red brushstrokes - a gentle, almost fleeting reference to the national identity of the prize.

    While the staffed version of the PEGASOS is exclusively reserved for the award winners of the German Sports Press Ball, you can purchase a white version directly in the MEISSEN-Shop with the single figure "PEGASOS 2" - so that you too can honor and delight your very own personal heroine or hero with a unique and special gift!

    (c) Bilder: metropress