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Porcelain Rings

Rings by MEISSEN are much more than sparkling eye-catchers. They showcase sublime craftsmanship and the design tradition of one of the oldest luxury brands in Europe. A benchmark for the combination of precious materials such as porcelain, gold, silver and diamonds, the rings feature both historically inspired and contemporary designs. The collection "1722 Swords" presents Europe’s oldest trademark, the Crossed Swords, in a bold and graphical rendition. Romantic gestures, on the other hand, are found in the "1739 Royal Blossom" collection, in which the snowball blossoms – once a gift from King August III to his wife Maria Josepha – are reinterpreted as modern jewellery pieces. Individually shaped by hand to this day, the delicate porcelain flowers are further embellished with sparkling diamonds, tanzanites and tourmalines, giving every outfit – whether an opulent bouquet of diamonds or a subtle flower-studded ring – that certain something.