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Bread plate made from Meissen porcelain

The bread plates made of Meissen porcelain embody elegance and timeless beauty on a festively laid table. They are made in the renowned Meissen porcelain manufactory.

Meissen porcelain is characterized by its fine, white texture and characteristic glossy finish. The bread plates become true works of art thanks to the artful craftsmanship and the use of high-quality materials.

The diameter, shape and height of the plate play an important role in the purchase. Small bread plates with a diameter of 14 centimetres are ideal for small portions and snacks. Medium-sized bread plates from 17 centimetres in diameter are ideal for slices in the evening or toast in the early morning.

The height of the plates is designed to show off the bread to its best advantage. Whether it's a fresh baguette, crusty rolls or delicious bread specialties, the bread plates made of Meissen porcelain highlight the culinary delicacies and add a regal touch to the table setting.

Meissen porcelain not only stands for aesthetic beauty, but also for durability and functionality. The plates are hard-wearing and their glossy finish is easy to clean, making them a practical yet luxurious choice for the table.

Bread plates made of Meissen porcelain are not just utilitarian objects, but works of art that immerse the table in a festive atmosphere. Be it at elegant dinner events, festive brunches or special occasions - these plates add a sublime touch to any bread eating experience.

Bread plates made from Meissen porcelain not only bring pieces of craftsmanship to the table, but also a connection to the rich history and tradition of porcelain production in Meissen. It is an investment in quality, style and timeless elegance that will last for generations.