Waves Relief Beaker Set, 2-pcs.

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Art.-No.: 000001-C5507-1

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If you are looking for a gift set that is as chic as it is unique, then the mug set from MEISSEN® is just the thing for you. Like a lake rippled by the breeze, the relief of wavy lines enlivens the surface of the "Wave Play Relief" mug set. The "Wellenspiel" shape was created in collaboration with MEISSEN® artist Sabine Wachs. She took the curved rim of classic service forms and interpreted it in a contemporary way. Wachs contrasts the strict symmetry of historical shapes with a sweeping dynamic. The line structure of the "Wave Play Relief" tumbler set comes from Jörg Danielczyk, who was inspired to create it during a morning fishing trip. In its richness of detail and accuracy, the relief underlines the plasticity and high quality of MEISSEN® porcelain. The mug set convinces with its sweeping dynamics and its brilliant shine - high quality packaging - a perfect gift set.
product details
Art.-No.: 000001-C5507-1
Decor: Waves Relief
Designer / Artist: Sabine Wachs
Year of Creation: 1994-1996
Materials: Porcelain
Weight: 435 g
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