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  • Writing set with cupid, 13 x 26 cm
  • Jellyfish, round had, white, H 34 cm
  • New
    Child with doll, Dress with white flowers, Lim. 75, H 11 cm
  • Band of Artists Clown Playing the Saxophone, Special Edition 2021, Lim. 85
  • New
    Figurine Seagull, Lim. 25
  • New
    Figurine Centaur with Seashell, Lim. 25, H 26,5 cm
  • New
    Child with cup, Blue Onion Rainbow, Lim. 75, H 17 cm
  • New
    Child sleeping on dog, Edelweiss, Lim. 75, H 7,5 cm
  • "Dolphin" figure, H 8,5 cm
  • Duel, ANTEMANN DREAMS Collection, H 32 cm
    Chris AntemannDuel


  • Love Nest, ANTEMANN DREAMS Collection, H 27,5 cm
    Chris AntemannLove Nest


  • Hands of Hope Prof. Eißner, white with Lim., H 26,5 cm
  • Unique object "S, Unique Object, Maximilian Hagstotz, H 27,5 cm
  • Panther, Meissen Atelier, Airbrush Look, lim., H 17 cm
  • New
    Child with cat, Scattered Swords, Lim. 75, H 12 cm
  • Love couple, H 20 cm
  • Sleeping peasant couple, H 28 cm
  • Lady with cupid, H 25 cm
  • Eulenspiegel, H 23,5 cm
  • Eulenspiegel, H 28,5 cm
  • Hoop thrower, H 38 cm
  • Monkey Musicians Rhesus Monkey Playing the Fiddle, H 18,5 cm
  • Monkey Musicians Orang-Utan Playing the Tuba, H 18 cm
  • Monkey Musicians Rhesus Monkey Playing the Kettledrum, H 17 cm
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Limited-edition porcelain figurines

Meissen’s collection of limited-edition figurines comprises works by important porcelain artists from more than 300 years of manufactory history – artists who have had a decisive influence on MEISSEN and the art of porcelain. Using original forms, these highly limited figurine editions comprise historical masterpieces whose production to this day demands the highest degree of precision and skill from the most experienced craftsmen. Starting with the outstanding Baroque and Rococo figurines of Johann Joachim Kaendler, the dynamic figurines of the Art Nouveau artists such as Otto Pilz or the works of contemporary porcelain artists like Max Hagstotz: Each limited-edition figurine from MEISSEN represents the creative drive and innovative spirit guiding Europe’s most prestigious porcelain manufactory.