Meissen Collage Noble Chinese Coffee-Set, 3 pcs

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Art.-No.: 79A552-C3604-1

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The 4-piece "The MEISSEN Collage Noble Chinese Coffee Set" consists of two Cups with Saucers and two Starter and Dessert Plates. With its modern filigree décor, it invites you to enjoy a cosy hot drink for two. The set is decorated with the "Noble Chinese" pattern, which takes up the chinoiserie of the famous porcelain painter Johann Gregorius Höroldt and contrasts his designs with geometric elements. The traditional silhouettes are based on the Eurocentric ideas of the Middle Kingdom at the time, and are applied with great attention to detail by the Meissen porcelain painters. The modern, opulent décor of the "The MEISSEN Collage Noble Chinese Coffee Set" is rounded off with vine elements of the iconic Onion Pattern. Meissen - a very special gift.
product details
Art.-No.: 79A552-C3604-1
Decor: Noble Chinese
Designer / Artist: Meissen Atelier
Year of Creation: 2019
Weight: 1350 g
Dishwasher-Safe: yes
Suitable for Microwaves: yes
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