Peter Marigold

“I had previously considered working with porcelain, bu t hesitated as I would have been figuring things out alone – so having the assistance of the MEISSEN ® staff was really invaluable.”


Peter Marigold, born in London in 1974, enrolled in “the Design Products” course run by Ron Arad in 2005 after studying Sculpture at the Royal College of Arts. The design icon became his tutor and fan.

Marigold became a familiar name with the “Make/Shift” shelving system and “Split Boxes”, is now a regular guest at the furniture fair in Milan and Design Miami and has exhibited at international galleries and museums. He won Design Miami’s “Designer of the Future Award” in 2009 and has come to be considered one of the great design newcomers.


w.t., 2011, Meissen Porcelain®