• Ode to a genius – MEISSEN celebrates Beethoven’s 250th birthday
    In 2020, MEISSEN together with music lovers the world over celebrates Ludwig van Beethoven’s 250th birthday, honouring a musical genius.
  • White Gold
    The most impassioned of Meissen’s loyal fans, as well as followers of porcelain and its furore through the ages, will already be acquainted with this story. But for those newer to the finer details of the manufactory’s ceramic of choice, a trip down memory lane.
  • Worth knowing for festive dining
    Christmas is a time for friends and family – and a chance for many a home chef to demonstrate their skills and give their creativity free rein. It is the season of spectacular culinary creations, magnificent table settings, and, not least, of modern opulence.
    Just in time for the holiday season, BOSS and Meissen present the result of their pioneering collaboration that has brought together the two internationally recognized German brands for the first time.
All About VITRUV
Introducing our newest service form – and the opportunity to bring a more minimalist kind of MEISSEN to any modern-day dining table.
The Pattern Cabinet
Meissen’s over 300-year history means countless patterns and decors, which have always set the manufactory apart with their exquisite detail and finesse.

  • Collect. Combine. Create
    Trends have always made their way to the table – this one invites you to mix and match, and showcase your own style!
  • The MEISSEN Birds Collection
    MEISSEN honours a traditional genre while upholding the legacy of one of the most successful design motifs of more than 300 years of manufactory history.
  • “La Maladie” by Chris Antemann
    An ode to the Augustus the Strong’s unrivalled obsession, the sculptor’s maritime masterpiece plays with a crossover of seasickness, lovesickness and even porcelain-sickness.
  • MEISSEN Icons: The Crater Vase
    A true masterpiece, this lavishly embellished vase boasts over 100 MEISSEN motifs – applied by 27 specialised painters by means of various techniques.