The new Chris Antemann collection
  • Renowned contemporary artist and close collaborator of the Meissen manufactory, Chris Antemann has been obsessed with porcelain for quite some time. Her latest set of striking pieces is an exquisite demonstration of her in-depth research of Meissen porcelain – and her ability to give relevance to the original hedonism of the 18th century that started it all. Antemann is an artist that does her homework: even the quickest of chats with the bubbly American will reveal the extent of her knowledge of Meissen and its introduction of an entire dining culture, and how much it continues to fascinate and inspire her.
“Meissen’s founder, Augustus the Strong, spoke of a “maladie de porcelaine” – a kind of lovesickness for porcelain.”
  • The “Collectors” piece depicts a couple, dressed in matching hats and cradling their matching vases, sat atop shipping crates. “You can imagine that they’re a team that shares a love of porcelain.” Meanwhile “Plunder” refers to the pirate tradition of gathering treasures by any means necessary. “This figure is proud to have acquired the largest of porcelain cases, embracing them as though they were beautiful ladies.” Augustus? Possibly. “Storm” and “Stow Away” showcase Antemann’s famed female personages: one who has seemingly survived a rough journey at sea, while the little maid has hidden herself to make it without paying a fare. And just a harbour serves as a sheltered place for sea-worn ships, the “Harbour” figurine harbours a vase decorated with a ship sailing in on decidedly calm waters.