Déjeuner with a rose composition in purple and sepia

Déjeuner with a rose composition in purple and sepia

Like on some old photograph, dainty roses unfold their magic on tableware whose unfussy elegance epitomises the modern design embraced by MEISSEN® in the early 1960s - a period of optimism and new ideas throughout Europe. Whilst never losing sight of its great artistic heritage, MEISSEN®, too, strove for new forms - most notably as regards creative methods of work. Its porcelain artists developed and implemented their ideas collectively. This popular coffee set, fittingly dubbed the "Collective Service", was jointly produced by Erhard Grosser, master of flowing forms, Alexander Struck, "father" of the Tailor Wibbel figurine, and Ludwig Zepner, the group's artistic director who went on to create the "Great Cut-Out" shape.
Anett Helbig's new pattern in puce and sepia cites these MEISSEN® classics whilst also catapulting the service into the here and now with its pared-down chromaticism. In opting to paint roses, she returns to a core theme that has always figured at the Manufactory. Decentrally arranged roses look as if they have been scattered across the surface of the individual items, whose gently rounded shape heightens the flowers' spatial effect. She imbues her sepia foliage with a quality that is at once photorealism and romantic nostalgia. All in all, she has come up with a subtle fusion of the great ages of porcelain art.

SKU: 138484-S2012-1
Weight: 3300 g
Limited to 25 pieces.

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