Dish with "Chinese landscape painting" motifs, H 28,5 cm

Dish with "Chinese landscape painting" motifs, H 28,5 cm

Naturalist bird painting in the European vein, framed by exquisite ornamentation, finds its counterpart in the oriental style. Here, too, birds and flowers are composed in harmonious unity. The dish in traditional cobalt blue depicts Chinese figures in temple grounds; they are in no hurry, as though intent on swapping stories. An oriental tale of this kind from “The Arabian Nights” is narrated by Prof. Heinz Werner very much in the tradition of Höroldt, the father of European porcelain painting. And so it is that some themes take on differing guises only to then return to their point of origin – like a figure of eight.
SKU: 819084-53273-1
Weight: 1100 g
Limited to 50 pieces.

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