Dish "Exotic Birds",

Dish "Exotic Birds",

That less can be more is amply proven by the filigree openwork design on the edge of this dish, originally produced in around 1740. The modeller painstakingly cuts the design out of the unfired dish with a steady hand. The upshot is an intricately woven framework that, in this case, has additionally been embellished with 23-carat gold following firing. The central well has been adorned with some truly glorious specimens of Meissen bird painting. On offer instead of sweetmeats and fruit are golden pheasants flaunting their spectacular plumage, albeit in a gilded cage. The arts of MEISSEN® have united to deliver a stylish and most fetching collector’s item.
SKU: 26A073-54M33-1
Weight: 850 g
Limited to 50 pieces.

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