Figure, Coloured, with gold, Limited Masterpieces, H 69 cm

Figure, Coloured, with gold, Limited Masterpieces, H 69 cm

Artist and Sculptor-in-Chief Jörg Danielczyk takes up a major MEISSEN® theme with his "Model" figurine. Fashion has been a popular motif in porcelain figure sculpture throughout the ages - from the Rococo pastoral look through the primly middle-class clothing of the Biedermeier to the flowing garments of art nouveau.

And MEISSEN® has long since realised the potential there is to be tapped from the immeasurable wealth of its over 300-year-old archive of colours, moulds and models. This serves MEISSEN® as a basis and source of inspiration for the manufacture of many other everyday luxury items in addition to choice porcelain.

Jörg Danielczyk was stimulated to address himself to the subject of fashion when visiting that mecca of haute couture, Paris. The evening-gowned model is a product of his imagination. The choice gems she parades are as in the MEISSEN® jewellery collection. Her corset dress likewise echoes the style of the new couture collection from MEISSEN® and in this way forges a link between the oldest and the youngest forms of art from the Manufactory: choicest porcelain meets top-notch fashion.

SKU: 900384-73664-1
Weight: 18500 g
Limited to 25 pieces.

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