Infant pagoda

Infant pagoda

This splendid fellow is referred to in our oldest Book of Moulds as an “infant pagod”. The model dates from around 1750 if the old mould number is anything to go by. The figurine has stylistic similarities with pagod figures that were definitely the work of Johann Joachim Kaendler, and this one has likewise been ascribed to him as a result. With so much subtle detail – the sense of forward motion intimated by the infant’s raised leg, the folds of his garment, his gaze immersed in the imaginary route ahead and, of course, the way his head nods as if he really were walking along – the figure is truly typical of this fine artist. Maybe that’s the message in the boy’s hand that the artist would like to convey to us. The exquisite oriental patterning of the gown, the finely veined leaf serving as a hat, and the delicate brushwork on the figure’s young face round off what is a real gem of Baroque porcelain art.
SKU: 900384-67867-1
Weight: 850 g
Limited to 75 pieces.

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