"Jester Couple" wall painting, 75 x 54 cm

"Jester Couple" wall painting, 75 x 54 cm

This masterful Meissen porcelain painting conveys music, dance and tomfoolery so effectively one can almost hear and see the boisterous revelries as they happen. The subject of masquerade, which already has a long tradition at MEISSEN®, has gripped Modeller-in-Chief Jörg Danielczyk ever since he went to experience the carnival organised in Venice. He has repeatedly re-interpreted it in modern sculptures such as his Harlequin figures or in his wall paintings - in an initially representational vein that has grown increasingly abstract with time. He loves looking into how much scope for interpretation can be gained by stripping sculptural or painted work of all figurative qualities. Porcelain painter Steffen Mikosch has succeeded with brilliant aplomb in committing Danielczyk's design to porcelain. He forms richly-faceted figures out of sections of colour, some of which intermingle whilst others are distinct, seemingly setting them in motion in the process. The figures begin to dance before our very eyes. The illusion is heightened by points of focus in gilt that are caused to twinkle by the light. This modern porcelain painting sends us on imaginary journeys in a most artful and ingenious manner, for nothing is at it seems - which can truly also be said of the carnival in Venice.

SKU: 935484-9M221-1
Weight: 12200 g
Limited to 5 pieces.

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