"Magic Fish" wall painting, 55 x 42 cm

"Magic Fish" wall painting, 55 x 42 cm

An impish shoal of polychrome fish drifts past sea-shells and right through our line of vision. Prof. Heinz Werner (*1928) has used his unmistakeably breezy brushwork to commit this picture of an exotic undersea world to porcelain from the perspective of a diver. In the same vein as the countless earlier works and hundred or so patterns our internationally noted artist has produced during more than 50 years of activity at MEISSEN®, the present porcelain painting portrays a carefree moment in time. Photographs from a giant aquarium in the Climate House at Bremerhaven were what actually inspired him to produce this gaily hued scene - a tribute to the marvellous diversity and wealth of Nature. Professor Werner lends his image spatial depth by coupling a cohesively washed foreground with a background that is merely intimated. He conveys the magical darting movements of his resplendent fish - considered auspicious not only in Asia - with magisterial aplomb. The Chinese feng-shui doctrine states that an aquarium spirits positive energy into a room. Our cheerful ocean inhabitants certainly spirit a smile onto the lips of the beholder at any rate.

SKU: 936084-9M251-1
Weight: 7300 g
Limited to 25 pieces.

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