"Seasons" wall plaque, 122 x 29 cm

"Seasons" wall plaque, 122 x 29 cm

Up-and-coming Meissen artist Melissa Linke has poetically and imaginatively committed the course of the year to porcelain as a gaily coloured, richly faceted watercolour. She places the main focus on a bush at the bottom of the plaque, portraying it in peculiarly autumnal manner as a striking antler shape from which all life springs. Its flower-heads and seeds drift up into a magnificent dawn sky - or is the sun setting? Indeed, are they actually rising or floating down? Together, this quality of "either or" and the strong pull between the upper and lower sections of the picture inject a remarkable sense of momentum into the motif. In between lies wide open countryside as a symbol of the constant recurrence of the seasons.
What more fitting way to render the fluid transitions between emergence and decay than with the watercolour approach adopted by our artist. Applied to porcelain, this is a technique necessitating the utmost in craft skills and talent in order to accurately recreate the design's coincidental qualities. Each splash of colour, each line added to a coloured ground already in place has to be just right. Colours are successively applied in the wet. Melissa Linke's ideas have been put to effect on porcelain by Steffen Mikosch, a long-standing painter with rich experience in this field. Following a first firing, he lends the motif detail and depth in a second painting operation so as to yield an engaging composition that magically attracts our gaze, causes us to pause for a moment and, by a process of association, moves us to contemplate the wonder of creation.

SKU: 930284-9M762-1
Weight: 12900 g
Limited to 10 pieces.

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