Tea caddy with "Lotus flowers and tendrils", H 11,4 cm

Tea caddy with "Lotus flowers and tendrils", H 11,4 cm

This caddy's purist design has such a modern feel it's hard to believe it is actually over 300 years old. The piece has been produced to Chinese prototypes at the Meissen Manufactory ever since the latter was set up in 1710, albeit originally in Böttger Stoneware®. Its flat surfaces verily cry out to be decorated, which is why it has always been a favourite amongst porcelain painters, who, drawing on source material from the Middle Kingdom, have repeatedly come up with new schemes for it.
Basic though its shape may be, it is nevertheless awash with symbolism. Along with the circle, the square is regarded as being the most accomplished shape. Its quadratic structure is echoed in many spheres of life, including the points of the compass, the seasons, the elements and the humours. The rectangle symbolises the ordering principle established by humanity, whilst the square is the very embodiment of order and solidity.
The caddy's back, front and its finial picked out in high-carat gold are all square. The pattern's strict spatial layout is achieved through the play of rectangles. These are painted with stylised lotus flowers - emblematic of purity, loyalty and creativity over much of Asia - after early graphic sources. Executed in a hard-fire blue that sinks deep into the glaze, motifs acquire great intensity and depth, qualities reinforced by slender outlines in high-carat gold. Their naturally flowing lines offset a visual identity that is otherwise strictly angular - a bewitching play of opposites that unite to deliver perfect harmony.

SKU: 589884-52M07-1
Weight: 260 g
Limited to 50 pieces.

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