Vase, Figure painting after Watteau, sign. "Limited Masterpieces", H 19 cm

Vase, Figure painting after Watteau, sign. "Limited Masterpieces", H 19 cm

It was not only as source material for shapes that silver and pewter vessels were used while the fashioning of porcelain was still in its infancy at MEISSEN®. The relief moulding on the tableware service Count Joseph Alexander von Sulkowski (1695-1762) ordered in 1735 from the legendary modeller Johann Joachim Kaendler (1706-1765), for his pleasure palace at Übigau, was likewise inspired by silverware. The scent bottle's relief-moulded basketweave pattern encircles two gilt-framed cartouches. The bottle's 275th anniversary is marked on the obverse by a picture by the French painter Antoine Watteau (1684-1721), whose work was extraordinarily popular during the Rococo. Indeed, the Manufactory purchased a number of his etchings in 1741. These have inspired our porcelain artists in manifold ways over and over again ever since, cases in point being the modelling of the familiar Four Seasons figures and richly detailed patterns redolent with coquettishness such as this one. The legend to the etching on which it is based translates roughly thus: "In withered love I find no joy. To find a new one was my ploy". The reverse of the scent bottle is embellished with Old Style flower painting. This choice gem from the pleasure palace accordingly symbolises two aspects of life crying out to be enjoyed: the beauty of Nature and that of love.

SKU: 292184-51089-1
Weight: 350 g
Limited to 50 pieces.

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