Vase, Naturalistic berry fruits, H 20,5 cm

Vase, Naturalistic berry fruits, H 20,5 cm

The choicely gilt-framed panels on this covered vase afford a glimpse into a prolific world of horticulture. The blackberries and strawberries on the cover's vaulted sides appear to be within easy grasp. The realistic spatial quality of the red berries is largely down to Matthias Steinert's prowess as a naturalistic painter of fruit and flowers. This is a style of painting that artists at MEISSEN® have been honing to a peak of perfection since the mid-19th century. Use is made of the play of light and shade as well as of extreme chromatic gradations to portray even the finest of detail in such clarity that flower-heads and fruit come across as being virtually three-dimensional. They are caressed by hundreds of tiny forget-me-nots moulded onto the vase that are caused to gleam by tiny dots of gilding. These beguiling, symmetrically arranged little flowers do not seek to rival the painted detail, yet neither are they about to take second place to it. Form and decoration enter into a symbiotic union, just as in Nature, though with the advantage that they know no autumn.

SKU: 245784-51181-1
Weight: 470 g
Limited to 75 pieces.

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