Wall plaque "Lady with playmate VII", 23 x 23 cm

Wall plaque "Lady with playmate VII", 23 x 23 cm

As Goethe mused in his memoirs, “Why roam afar when what’s good is so near?”. Given that some of life’s most engaging scenes take place just a street or so away, that’s a canny observation. Experiencing people bumping into other people or animals can be extremely engrossing! The things you get to see when you’re out shopping, waiting for the bus or in the corner café can sometimes top any comedy show, bizarre unfoldings lent added zest by one’s own fecund imagination.

The urge to record day-to-day events is a crucial part of any artist’s creative drive. This particular set of graphic images by Prof. Werner was the result of a number of encounters he has recently had. He reveals the animal in humanity and vice versa. Women and animals is the underlying idea. The upshot: day dreams captured on Meissen porcelain. 

Lady with playmate VII

A collar for its little neck, ribbons for its little plaits, a little skirt for the dance: today’s dogs wear whatever delights their mistresses’ hearts. One two three, cha cha cha, shake it all about, a dog rocking to the beat in a dainty skirt. And if our little dog’s dancing legs get tired, it has some lovely little shoes to put on – all in velvet of course.

SKU: 935229-9M008-1
Weight: 1310 g
Limited to 50 pieces.

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