Wall plaque with "Landscape impressions", 25,5 x 25,5 cm

Wall plaque with "Landscape impressions", 25,5 x 25,5 cm

Stillness envelops countryside and river with the setting of the sun. Two swans are all that moves. It is the magical calm of the twilight hour that dominates this early 20th-century picture by Johannes Rudolf Hentschel (1869-1951). Together with his brother Konrad Hentschel (1872-1907), he was a celebrated art nouveau artist at MEISSEN®. Whereas Konrad embraced modelling and went on to create his famous "Hentschel Children" figurines, his elder brother turned to painting. He returned to MEISSEN® after studying Art at Munich and Paris and acquired a special liking for atmospheric landscape motifs.
What is most captivating about his countless pictures is a sensitive chromaticism that magnetically lures the beholder into their inner depths. Hentschel's Landscape Impression with Swans, yet to be rendered on porcelain, is the latest visual mood captured by our highly receptive artist to join the ranks of Limited-Edition Artworks from MEISSEN®. His pictures show scenes of serenity in which the countryside becomes a blur of colour. Our porcelain painters combine underglaze and overglaze colours to impressively bring out the distinctive sense of depth and atmosphere in Hentschel's landscape painting and, in so doing, transport us to a moment in time from which all the frenzy and adversities of modern-day life have been excised.

SKU: 933484-53N53-1
Weight: 1255 g
Limited to 50 pieces.

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