Wall plaque "Surging Waves", 53 x 36 cm

Wall plaque "Surging Waves", 53 x 36 cm

A big wave, a gigantic wave, an almighty wave crashes deafeningly towards the coast, in its wake a shoal of brightly coloured fish. Their iridescent little bodies gleam in colours of the ocean ranging from aquamarine to seaweed green for a fraction of a second as they are caught in the rays of the sun. The wave thrusts them upwards with all its might and they are carried almost weightlessly along on its crest by the force of the water. They twist and turn, darting this way and that. And, just before the wave breaks, they disappear, engulfed in the sea’s endless azure.

The idea for “Surging Waves” was born during a birthday party for a good friend of the painter’s. The two were chatting by a fish-pond in the friend’s garden when the friend asked the painter if he would be prepared to decorate a timber pillar with fish. The latter agreed and proceeded to paint several fanciful fish buffeted by water and waves.

SKU: 936060-9M234-1
Weight: 5800 g
Limited to 25 pieces.

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