Wall Plate "Lady with Dog", 45 cm

Wall Plate "Lady with Dog", 45 cm

Isn’t this elegant lady just lovely? Confidently and provocatively, she has replaced the annoying gentleman with a graceful greyhound that only heeds her command. Here, a fashionable Jugendstil turns against the preceding 19th century. The designs by artist Willi Münch-Khe are situated between Jugendstil and expressionism; quite a few of his drawings are kept in Meissen’s archive. The wall plate Lady with Dog was created in 1913 and reflects the zeitgeist and fashion of an age that wants to reinvent itself by idealising everything. Even the plate abandons its function and becomes a decorative work of art. Münch-Khe also created the famous Meissen portraits of “Archivarius Lindhorst”, “Tyll Ulenspiegel”, and “Peter Schlehmil”.
SKU: 956782-54M51-1
Weight: 3986 g
Limited to 25 pieces.

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