Water, H 23,5 cm

Water, H 23,5 cm

MEISSEN® began looking for new modellers abroad in around 1764. Michel Victor Acier, a sculptor of just on 30 hailing from Versailles, seized the opportunity and moved from Paris to Dresden. Holding his own against Johann Joachim Kaendler was no easy job for the young Frenchman, who stood for a whole new style. Following Kaendler’s death in 1775, Michel Victor Acier proceeded to reign alone as artistic director at MEISSEN® , paving the way for Meissen classicism. He created a wealth of figures in his 15 years at the company that have come to epitomise the late 18th century. “Water” (1772) is one of the “Four Elements” and depicts Venus in her shell coach. It conveys the transition from Baroque to Classicism to us in the most wonderful way. Merci Monsieur Acier!
SKU: 900384-70745-1
Weight: 3300 g
Limited to 25 pieces.

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