Excellence in quality

Quality enjoys top priority at MEISSEN®. The intricacy of our figures and sculptures, the perfection of our hand-painted patterns - these are the things that underscore our approach to quality.

In the beginning was the material

The exacting quality benchmark that MEISSEN® has long defined is the upshot of a great deal of major outlay and investment, and it is precisely this that gives Meissen Porcelain® its added value:

Just as a menu’s excellence is determined by the quality of its ingredients, so it is that, at MEISSEN®, quality begins with an in-house pit from which just the right kaolin is mined. In a painstaking process of refinement that lasts several months, the raw material for Meissen Porcelain® is produced on the premises with constant supervision by experts.

It’s men and women that make the Manufactory

Basic in-housing training for painters and modellers/ repairers lasts 3 years. It takes a good few years and decades more of learning the ropes on a great number of objects, however, before true mastery is achieved. The months of manual application required to create a floor-standing vase for the Limited MEISSEN Artworks series, for instance, would not be possible without a process of training spanning several decades, and this is something the connoisseur can appreciate. And yet, unwavering as our artists’ aspirations to quality may be, each of them has their own distinctive stylistic identity.

Uncompromising aspiration to quality

Even the most experienced worker taking the utmost of care can occasionally make a minor mistake. The buying public may not be able to spot it, but it’s not likely to escape the learned gaze of our quality controllers.

Our brand’s outstanding strength in international markets is assuredly to do in part with our never having diluted our aspirations to quality over the centuries. Something we won’t be doing in future either.

MEISSEN® will continue to afford itself the luxury of producing outstanding quality in future too.