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Meissen® identifying marks

The Meissen Porcelain Manufactory has consistently and continuously been alert to usage of its identifying marks ever since it was founded. The range of marks adopted was added to in the 20th century as a means of defending the “crossed swords”. Enumerated below in chronological order are the marks used to identify Meissen Porcelain® through the ages, suffixed by the rights enjoyed by Meissen® to these titles.

MEISSEN®  Meissen®  Meissener Porzellan®  Böttgersteinzeug®  MEISSEN-DESIGN®  MEISSEN® - The Art of Luxury®  MEISSEN® – Mystery®  MEISSEN-ROSE®
MEISSEN-BLUME®  Schwertermarke®  Gekreuzte Schwerter®

Legal points

All of the identifying marks shown on this homepage are copyright protected solely for the benefit of Staatliche Meissener Porzellan-Manufaktur GmbH. This protection applies throughout the world.
There are additional markings on porcelain that neither guarantee nor rule out that the porcelain can be assigned to MEISSEN®.
Meissen Porcelain® is exclusively produced by the Meissen Porcelain Manufactory, a company registered in the city of Meißen. No other undertaking in the world, including in the city of Meißen or Meißen rural district, is entitled to use the “crossed swords”, “Meissen Porcelain®” or “MEISSEN®” in the context of porcelain, either in promotional material or on actual products.
The Meissen Porcelain Manufactory likewise holds the applicable domain rights, which are identical to trademark rights in part.
The best way of avoiding imitations, forgeries etc. is to purchase Meissen Porcelain® in a MEISSEN® BOUTIQUE or from an authorised MEISSEN® stockist.