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Order No. : 581184-53632-1
6,5x18,8 cm, 374 g
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Dragons are truly miraculous animals in Chinese mythology. They have magic powers and are exceedingly long-lived - in MEISSEN® porcelain art too. The "Red Court Dragon" with its flaming pearl, which encircles Ho Ho birds (phoenixes) as a symbol of imperial power and the unity of heaven and earth, was one of the earliest patterns to be produced at the Manufactory. Painted with the finest of brush-strokes in a new palette and augmented by trailing flowers here, the dragon's magic is further intensified - flower-heads and blueish-green tendrils portending longevity whilst dragons and phoenixes are emblematic of success and affluence.
Limitation: 100
Height: 6,5 cm
Width: 18,8 cm
Depth: 14,5 cm
Weight: 374 g