Limited Masterworks 2010 Lidded Vase Fish


Order No. : 82A282-51350-1
63 cm, 7900 g

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Deep water shimmers blue - because it reflects the sky and absorbs its depth. So also in the blue painting: The cobalt penetrates deeply into the shards of the "Lidded Vase Fish", irrevocably absorbs the colour and does not forgive any mistake. The swarm of floating fish, following the flow of masterly brushstrokes and the flowing form of the opulent lid vase, is also so immersed. Fired at 1,400 °C, the colour shines through the sparkling glaze with force from its painting base.
Limitation: 50
Height: 63 cm
Diameter: 31 cm
Volume: 25 l
Weight: 7900 g