Limited Masterworks 2016 Vase Dancing Nymph with Veil


Order No. : 892784-59233-1
32x16 cm, 1360 g

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The shape of the "Vase Dancing Nymph with Veil" by Johann Carl Schönheit around 1781 followed the Louis Seize style coming from France. The egg-shaped lid vase with snake handles is a particularly elegant piece of this period. The motif of the dancing nymph comes from a vase of the Dresden porcelain collection and probably goes back to the Meissen artist Ludwig Sturm (18844-1926). Applied in the Pâte-sur-Pâtee-painting dominated only by Meissen, a very fine relief is created. Limited to 25 pieces.
Limitation: 25
Height: 32 cm
Width: 16 cm
Depth: 13 cm
Weight: 1360 g